This is a podcast about children and the laws that affect them as they grow up.


Alma-Constance, a 12 year old girl, discovered that when she turned 10 in 2021 she would have reached the age of criminal responsibility in England, where she lives. That was a pretty shocking discovery for her especially as she realised that she knew nothing about what this meant and  how it can affect children and their families. With the help of lawyer Lucinda Acland, and supported by Next 100 Years, they set out to ask some questions of leading experts to help children make sense of it all. There are a lot of laws and they are confusing and complicated and it is difficult to keep track and understand their impact on a child’s life.

About the hosts:

Alma-Constance Denis-Smith: Alma-Constance is a school girl who has been a champion of both First 100 Years and Next 100 Years throughout her life. In 2018 she led the charity appeal for Spark21 at the British Legal Awards in support of First 100 Years. The appeal raised £12,000 and the funds were used for the publication of “First: 100 Years of Women in Law”, the project book authored with Lucinda Acland and Katie Broomfield. She is a passionate pianist, having won numerous competitions, and is fluent in 3 languages.

Lucinda Acland: Lucinda has over 25 years’ experience in the legal sector first as a solicitor and Professional Support Lawyer (litigation support/ IT) at Lovell White Durrant (now Hogan Lovells); creating online CPD courses at the College of Law (now University of Law); as the Social media manager at Riverview Law (now EY Riverview Law); and the Community Manager for Obelisk Support. Lucinda created the First 100 Years podcast series and co-authored ‘First:100 years of Women in Law’  with Katie Broomfield, published by Scala in 2019. She is now the Head of Learning & Development, a new role at the Legal Aid Practitioners Group.


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