The Way WE Are: Portraits of the legal profession

Next 100 Years’ photo competition running 10 March to 10 May 2022.

Next 100 Years are pleased to announce the launch of a photo competition for people working in the legal profession. You are encouraged to send us pictures that celebrate the way we are today.

Building on the previous International Women’s Day photo shoots organised by Next 100 Years, we are now looking for your stunning images that can be used to create an exhibition and a calendar for 2023.


What are we after?
2022 is the centenary of the first four women to be admitted to the Law Society as solicitors. A lot has changed in the law over the last 100 years, as the legal profession continues to strive for greater equality of opportunity.

To commemorate the lives of Carrie Morrison, Maud Crofts, Mary Pickup and Mary Sykes and their achievement as trail blazers for women, we would like your photos to show at least four people from the legal sector in each image. Pictures should demonstrate people at work and/or enjoying themselves. We want images that celebrate the power of togetherness – you can even include men.


What do you need to do?
Once entries open on 10 March 2022, you will be able to submit your group photos via our website. You can submit up to 5 photos for consideration. Photos should be at least 2MB in size to ensure that they are suitable for printing. (300ppi, or 1600 x 1200 pixels). Please make a new entry for each photo submitted.

Please ensure that you have the permission of all of the people in the photo, as their image may be chosen for the calendar and exhibition, and could be used in promotional material for Next 100 Years.

The final date for submissions is 10 May 2022.


We are delighted to be joined by esteemed individuals from across the legal profession, as well as renowned artists and photographers. Our judging panel will announce winners in September ahead of the publication of the Next 100 Years 2023 Calendar and winners’ event.

Small print
By submitting photos to the competition, you are agreeing that that you own the copyright to the images and they are your own work. Whilst the copyright remains with the photographer, by entering the competition you are agreeing to grant free license to the organisers to use the image for the purposes of
promotion and for inclusion in a calendar and exhibition.

By submitting the photograph you are also indicating that all people in the image have agreed to be included in this competition and understand what the end use is likely to be. Please also ensure that there are no confidential elements in your photos, or other aspects that may compromise your employer.

“Men say that the law is too rough and tumble for women” – Carrie Morrison